Dinner Through A Straw Without The Straw is a patient handbook and products promoting eating with nourishment and hydration when there is difficulty chewing, swallowing and food aversions.

  • maxillary trauma
  • swallowing difficulty
  • oral surgery
  • facial malformations
  • cancer treatments
  • those requiring soft food or liquid diets

Dinner Through A Straw Without The Straw has been recognized as the only book of its kind in thoroughness and detail. The product line has grown and includes several premade kits to promote patient healing. The Zip-N-Squeeze disposable feeding kits and the syringe feeding system with new improved tubing along with the large soft squeeze on-the-go liquid bottles, small size soft sip squeeze bottle and Cool Jaw ice pack wraps are all available in one location at Dinner Through A Straw.

This book and products are primarily ordered by:

  • individuals
  • physicians
  • universities
  • hospitals
  • rehabilitation clinics
  • family members

Our mission is to promote wellness and comfort during a time when there’s uncertainty and need.
The book and products have been used for more than 30 years providing comfort to the patient and their family for quick recovery and healing as well as giving a better quality of life for chronic life long limitations related to chewing and/or swallowing.

Dinner Through A Straw Without The Straw writes, publishes and markets patient education materials and products that promote methods of eating following mouth, jaw, dental or facial limitations for chewing and swallowing as well as support for patients and caregivers of those recovering from cancer treatments that can negatively affect eating, appetite and weight loss.

Dinner Through A Straw Without The Straw has benefited patients of scleroderma, TMJ, AIDS, dysphagia, birth defects, orthognathic conditions (malocclusions, jaw realignment, wired jaws) and recovering cancer patients. The book Dinner Through A Straw Without The Straw and our product line is what physicians and nurses dream of creating if only they had the time. It provides ideas and methods of food consumption and wellness techniques to promote patient responsibility for the healing process. It explains how to create a feeding system. It tells what to have on hand following an oral surgery procedure. “Everything you wanted to know and forgot to ask your doctor” is a question and answer section for surgery patients.

Dinner Through A Straw Without The Straw contains a specific chapter entitled, Cancer Convalescence. Many patients and facilities have been eager for this information and presentaton format for the patient as it assists in transitioning from the negative effects of cancer treatments that influence eating patterns and weight loss. This chapter guides the patient through appropriate food choices while combating nausea, foods to avoid, guarding the weakened immune system and recipe options with caloric content and servings. This chapter is not medical advice or treatment, but instead it supports the patient and caregivers with options to maintain wellness during recovery.Consult with your medical doctor regarding your treatment before use of DTAS products, recipes or suggestions.

Testimonials from physicians, registered dietitians, and registered nurses acknowledge that the more than 150 recipes are high in carbohydrates which expedite healing. Calorie counts and food values were provided by a Certified Dietary Manager. Patients find the recipes to be tasty and satisfying. They can enjoy most of their favorite dishes when prepared in a manner for their consumption.

The handbook and eating accessories are welcomed by those who cannot chew, those whose mouths are wired shut, those who require a liquid diet or soft food diet and those recovering from negative effects of cancer treatment associated with difficulty in eating. The non-chew recipes are readily prepared from standard food items found in most grocery stores and supermarkets. The products available online have been used for decades to enable eating when chewing is not permitted. These eating solutions are now more reliable and more convenient than ever as they arrive prepackaged with specified instructions in their use.

Many have received benefit from the specific chapter entitled Cancer Convalescence.


From a patient in Florida: “This book is a gift of hope for recovery. It's not the end, but a beginning to learn to eat again. I keep it in my handbag all the time.”

From a cancer center in the southwest: “We give your books to every patient we see who has oral cancer or chewing or swallowing problems. They help the patients so much.”


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